[Cosmo-torun] cosmo workshop Fri 2 March @15.00 @KRA: Jan Ostrowski on Cactus: numerical relativity

Tomasz Kazimierczak faithlesstomas w gmail.com
Śro, 29 Lut 2012, 23:37:40 CET

hello cosmo-torun

Could we start a little bit ealier,
for example @14:00?

I have "dyżur" at control room starting at 16:00.

2012/2/29 Boud Roukema <boud w astro.uni.torun.pl>

> hi cosmo-torun
>  Cactus: numerical relativity
>  cosmo workshop Fri 2 March @15.00 @KRA
>  Jan Ostrowski
> Jan is doing very interesting work in finding out how to do numerical
> relativity. One way of saying it is the following:
> "Normal" cosmological N-body simulations consist of *Newtonian*
> gravity simulated on a highly simplified (perfectly homogeneous)
> relativistic "background". In formal scientific language, this is
> called a "heuristic" approach; in informal language, it's called "a
> fudge" - it's a mathematical shortcut that seems like it should work
> and lets us quickly compare some sort of "model" to observations
> instead of waiting 50 years for the mathematics to be solved. In
> principle, every scientist using the heuristic/fudge is aware of
> this. Pure theory is very difficult to apply to the real world.
> Relativistic cosmological simulations should be "directly"
> relativistic, consistent with the Einstein equations, without using
> the heuristic/fudge of adding "perturbations" that obey Newtonian
> gravity to a relativistic "background". So these simulations can be called
> "background-free".
> How can we do background-free cosmology simulations?
> Jan will present a discussion on this.
> pozdr
> boud
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