[Cosmo-torun] kashlinsky large-scale flow

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pią, 16 Mar 2012, 13:18:42 CET

hi cosmo-torun,

During today's Sprawozdanie, Bronek asked about the Kashlinsky
large-scale high-velocity flow. You'll find Kashlinky's work referred
to in the paper below, which is an interesting observational analysis
according to which the flow is due to using an incorrect choice of the
comoving coordinate reference frame. Wiltshire et al's argument is based on
Wiltshire's approach to modelling the Universe in a more
relativistically correct way than the FLRW ("standard") metric, i.e. one of
the "inhomogeneous" approaches to cosmology (according to which the Earth is
assumed to exist).

Hubble flow variance and the cosmic rest frame
Authors: David L. Wiltshire, Peter R. Smale, Teppo Mattsson, Richard Watkins


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