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On Thu, 22 Mar 2012, Biblioteka CA UMK wrote:

> Mam prosbe o popatrzenie na zalacznik - czy taka ksiazka-album o Kosmosie
> znajdzie wsrod Panstwa czytelnikow.

>> W nawiazaniu do rozmowy telefonicznej przesyłam w załączniku dodatkowe
>> informacje na temat wspaniałego albumu Gilesa Sparrowa  -  KOSMOS.
>> Zapraszam na www.kmktychy.pl

Talking about the "edge of space" in an abstract to a popular
astronomy+cosmology book


seems like a bad pedagogical strategy to me. We need to understand the
observer's point of view, but our standard model is based on an
underlying spacetime (pseudo-4-manifold + metric that solve the
Einstein equations), not just a past time cone.

It might be nice as a "coffee table book" - it's motivational to see
big beautiful pictures. On the other hand with a small (zero) budget,
i would tend to go for research/teaching-level books.

At the moment we have three books listed on our wiki - please anyone
update the wiki page:
    what we want
       * Padmanabhan, 1993  Structure Formation in the Universe
       * Schilpp 1949  Albert Einstein: philosopher-scientist
       * Bolejko et al 2009 Structures in the Universe by Exact Methods

Schilpp 1949 has the Infeld cosmic topology comment about electromagnetism -
apparently the first person to talk about physical "effects" of cosmic


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