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Czw, 11 Lip 2013, 21:48:56 CEST

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> Subject: Proposed PRISM space mission
> Dear Boud,
> As you may have heard, we have answered the recent call for science themes for future ESA missions with a concept called PRISM (Polarised Radiation
> Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission) -- The name was given before we heard of the NSA's version of PRISM...
> As this mission might be of interest to you and your colleagues in Torun, I am sending you this information, which I encourage you to send to the
> Polish community susceptible to be interested in this science, either on the theoretical or the experimental side, and/or involved in the project.
> The main idea of the mission is an ultra-sensitive spectro-polarimetric survey of the entire sky from about 30 GHz to about 6 THz.
> The science case is as broad as possible to serve a very large scientific community. The main themes for cosmology and fundamental physics are:
> - A complete census of the Dark Matter, hot gas, dusty galaxies in our Hubble volume, and corresponding constraints on cosmology, dark energy,
> cluster physics, structure formation, star formation, etc.
> - The ultimate measurement of CMB polarization, to constrain primordial GW and inflationary scenarios
> - The measurement of the CMB frequency spectrum, to explore energy injection at z<10^6 by processes such as reionization, decay of DM particles,
> evaporation of mini black holes, etc.
> Details are in http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013arXiv1306.2259P and on our website (http://www.prism-mission.org).
> Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Support (by signing-up and encouraging people to sign-up on our web site) would be very useful
> (there are already a small number of Polish scientists who expressed interest, but I am sure many more still have not received this information).
> Best,
> Jacques
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