[Cosmo-torun] B-modes: premature discovery announcement?

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Pią, 23 Maj 2014, 10:26:07 CEST

hi cosmo-torun,

A joint analysis of Planck and BICEP2 B modes including dust polarization uncertainty
Michael J. Mortonson, Uroš Seljak

   "... The resulting joint BICEP2+Planck analysis favors solutions
   without gravity waves, and the upper limit on the tensor-to-scalar
   ratio is $r<0.11$, a slight improvement relative to the Planck
   analysis alone which gives $r<0.13$ ($95\%$ c.l.). The estimated
   amplitude of the dust polarization power spectrum is in rough
   agreement with expectations for this field based on HI column
   density. ..."

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