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GW gravitational waves
pre detection
* ArXiv:0905.2508 Direct Detection of the Primordial Inflationary Gravitational Waves OmegaGW from cosmic strings, string cosmology, Wei Tou Ni , GRF2009
* ArXiv:1403.6688 How well do we understand the thermal history of the Universe? Implications of the recent BICEP2 data (GUT, cosmic strings, BICEP2) M
SMBH Grav Wave Background (SGWB)
* ArXiv:2405.08522 In Search of the Biggest Bangs since the Big Bang John Ellis, Malcolm Fairbairn, Juan Urrutia, Ville Vaskonen
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Cosmo.YuferingOpenScience "The Open Science Programme will be structured as follows: Day 1 The current Open Science Situation ...
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* WikipediaEn:Regular_expression key to efficient powerful searches of files
Long term investment choose an editor
Editors other than emacs and vi have less steep initial learning curves, but less long term stability and potential. Do you want skills for the long term or the
* emacs: https://karl lock in WikipediaEn:Emacs
* vi: WikipediaEn:Vi_%28text_editor%29

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Cosmo.SRandGR online: BigBlueButtonHints * tutorial (cwiczenia) 14:30 16:00 Friday * f2f: @KRA room 48 * online: BigBlueButtonHints * extra exercise ...
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* Classical Quantum Gravity is missing!
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Astronomy Astrophysics
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See also: ProgrammingForCosmologists

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Cosmo.ShapeOfUniverse Is the Universe finite or infinite (video)? Scientific models of the Universe are intended to satisfy the Einstein equation, which, roughly ...
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