program for the CosmoPlMeeting2006 on 19-20 May 2006, TCfA, UMK, Toruń

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As of 3 April, this is just a first guess at a program. Please add in your talk or talks of people emailing to cosmo-spotka and help this program take shape. -- BoudRoukema - 03 Apr 2006


Friday 19 May 09:00-17:00 with coffee, lunch, ...

A Big-Rip (phantom) scenario and an exotic future of the Universe

Mariusz D±browski (U Szczecin) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Dabrowski

DE - Chaplygin gas, vacuum decaying cosm constant, Cardassian models

Włodek Godłowski (OA-UJagelloński) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Godlowski (click on the znak pytanie to create the page)

Strong lensing systems as a probe of dark energy in the Universe

Marek Biesiada (U ¦l±sk) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Biesiada

WMAP and cosmic topology

Boud Roukema (UMK Toruń) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Roukema

Saturday 20 May 09:00-17:00 with coffee, lunch, ...

(title tbd)

Roman Juszkiewicz (CAMK) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Juszkiewicz (click on the znak pytanie to create the page)

Claims of dark matter detection: DAMA/NaI and INTEGRAL

Agnieszka Szaniewska (UMK Toruń) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Szaniewska

AGN recycling - birth and death

Andrzej Marecki (UMK Toruń) - abstract: CosmoPlMeeting2006Marecki (click on the znak pytanie to create the page)

Other participants

You should put your key information here or above (given name, family name, Institute) if you wish to have status as "university guest" for cheaper accommodation. Either edit this yourself or email to cosmo-spotka malpa This is a preferable but not sufficient step for booking cheap accommodation.


Kto robi co? Who is interested in what subject? See: CosmoPeople

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