internal package Foswiki::UI::Rest

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internal package Foswiki::UI::Rest

UI delegate for REST interface

StaticMethod registerRESTHandler( $subject, $verb, \&fn, %options )

Adds a function to the dispatch table of the REST interface for a given subject. See CommandAndCGIScripts#rest for more info.

  • $subject - The subject under which the function will be registered.
  • $verb - The verb under which the function will be registered.
  • \&fn - Reference to the function.

The handler function must be of the form:
sub handler(\%session, $subject, $verb) -> $text
  • \%session - a reference to the Foswiki session object (may be ignored)
  • $subject - The invoked subject (may be ignored)
  • $verb - The invoked verb (may be ignored)

Additional options are set in the %options hash. These options are important to ensuring that requests to your handler can't be used in cross-scripting attacks, or used for phishing.
  • authenticate - use this boolean option to require authentication for the handler. If this is set, then an authenticated session must be in place or the REST call will be rejected with a 401 (Unauthorized) status code. By default, rest handlers do not require authentication.
  • validate - use this boolean option to require validation of any requests made to this handler. By default, requests made to REST handlers are not validated.
  • http_allow use this option to specify the HTTP methods that can be used to invoke the handler.

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