HISTORY{ attributes } -- control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns

  • The %HISTORY{}% macro is handled by the HistoryPlugin
  • Syntax: %HISTORY{ attributes }%

Argument Description Default value
none Default layout: a simple list of topic revisions using the default format (see below)  
"format" or format="string" Format of one line, may include any variable which is supported by macro REVINFO "r$rev - $date - $wikiusername"
topic="topic" Topic name, can be in web.topic format current topic
web="web" Web name current web
versions="number or range" Number or range (format: from..to). Examples:
To get version 2, write: versions="2"
To get version 2 to 3, write: versions="2..3"
To get version 2 to the latest, write: versions="2.."
To get all versions up to version 5, write: versions="..5"
To get all versions up to but not including the latest, write: versions="..-1"
To get the versions from 1 to 5 in reverse order, write: versions="5..1"
all versions in the order latest to first
header="text" Text to print before the list.
May contain the tokens $next and $previous which will be evaluated if there are newer or older revisions available for the topic that are not listed according to versions (or rev1, rev2, nrev).
These tokens take the syntax $next{'some text' url='url'} (the same for $previous). 'some text' is the text which should be printed, 'url' is the url for the corresponding link.
The tokens $rev1, $rev2, $nrev in 'text' or 'url' will be replaced by appropriate values for the next or previous block of revisions. See the attached oopshistory.tmpl for an example of how to use this.
footer="text" Text to print after the list. May contain the tokens $next and $previous (see header) "$previous"

Deprecated (but supported) parameters:
Argument Description Default value
nrev="number" Number of revisions to show. Ignored if versions is specified, or if both rev1 and rev2 are specified. 10
rev2="number" Newest revision to show rev1+nrev if rev1 is specified, latest revision otherwise
rev1="number" Oldest revision to show rev2-nrev
reverse="boolean" Show newest revisions first, if on "on"

Additional macros

The following macros are replaced only if there is a corresponding %HISTORY% on the page. If more than one %HISTORY% is used on the same page, the values from the last one will be used.

  • %HISTORY_REV1%: Oldest revision from the printed history
  • %HISTORY_REV2%: Latest revision from the printed history
  • %HISTORY_NREV%: Number of the printed revisions
  • %HISTORY_MAXREV%: Latest available revision of the topic
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