JQPLUGINS{"plugins" ... } -- display a summary of available plugins

  • Parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "plugins" this is a regular expression that the plugin identifier must match to be displayed  
    format format string to render information for each matching plugin; known variables to be used in the format string are:
    • active: state of the plugin: displays (active) when this plugin is loaded on the current page
    • author: author of the plugin
    • documentation: plugin documentation topic defaults to %SYSTEMWEB%.JQuery$name
    • homepage: link to the hompeage of this third party plugin
    • index: the current index in the list of all plugins being displayed
    • name: name of the plugin as can be used in JQREQUIRE
    • summary: short description what this plugin does; most plugins provide this piece of information in the summary section of the documentation topic
    • tags: list of TML macros this plugin implements
    • version: version of the plugin as provided by the author of this plugin
       1 <a href="$homepage">$name</a> $active $version $author
    header header string prepended to the output; empty when no plugin matches  
    footer footer string appended to the output; empty when no plugin matches  
    separator separator put between each plugin rendered in a row $n
    tagformat format string to render a link to any tag documentation a plugin implements [[%SYSTEMWEB%.Var$tag][$tag]]
  • Example:
       header="   * JQuery Plugins:$n"
       format="      * [[$documentation][$name]] v$version was developed by [[$homepage][$author]]"
  • JQuery Plugins:
  • Related: JQueryPlugin
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