META -- displays meta-data

Provided mainly for use in templates, this macro generates the parts of the topic view that relate to meta-data (attachments, forms etc.).

Syntax: %META{ "item" ...}%

  • "form" - generates the table showing the form fields. See Form Definition.
  • "attachments" - generate a table of attachments
    • all="on" to show hidden attachments.
    • title="..." to show a title - only if attachments are displayed.
    • template="..." to use a custom template for the rendering of attachments; default attachtables is used.
  • "moved" - if a topic was moved or renamed, generates a message with details and a revert link
    • prefix="...": Prefix that goes before the moved message, but only if the message is generated, default "".
    • suffix="...": Prefix that goes after the moved message, but only if the message is generated, default "".
  • "parent" - display details of ancestor topics
    • dontrecurse="on": By default recurses up tree, this has some cost. Equivalent to depth=1
    • depth="...": Return only the specified ancestor.
    • nowebhome="on": Suppress WebHome.
    • format="...": Format string used to display each parent topic where $web expands to the web name, and $topic expands to the topic name; default: "[[$web.$topic][$topic]]"
    • separator="...": Separator between parents; default " > "
    • prefix="...": Prefix that goes before parents, but only if there are parents, default "".
    • suffix="...": Suffix, only appears if there are parents; default "".
  • "formfield" - display the value of a single form field
    • name="...": name of the field.
    • newline="...": by default, each newline character will be rewritten to <br /> to allow metadata that contains newlines to be used in tables, etc. $n indicates a newline character.
    • bar="...": by default, each vertical bar is rewritten to an HTML entity so as to not be mistaken for a table separator.
    • display="on" - only used with "formfield", retrieves the displayed value of a *+values formfield type, as against the default, stored, value.
  • topic="Main.WebPreferences" - optional parameter to select which topic to get the meta-data from.
ALERT! Use of "formfield" is deprecated in favour of the much more powerful QUERY macro.

Related: QUERY
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