TAB{"text" ...} -- tab inside a tabpane widget

  • Defines a tab inside a TABPANE area; must be closed using ENDTAB.
  • Parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "text" label of the tab Tab
    before when switching tabs, this is the javascript fragment to be executed just before the tab is displayed  
    after this javascript handler is to be executed after the tab has been made visible  
    afterload this javascript handler will be called when content loaded asynchronously (using the url parameter, below) has finished loading; depending on the network latency, this can be significantly later than execution of the after handler above  
    id id of this tab; this id can be used in the TABPANEs select parameter to display this tab; this id is also added to the class attribute of the html element representing the tab button  
    url link from where to load the content of the tab asynchronously when selecting this tab; the result of the addressed handler will replace the content area; if no url is set the content of the TAB ... ENDTAB area will be shown when the tab is selected  
    width width of the tab area auto
    height height of the tab area auto
    container element where ajax content will be loaded; this is only used together with url  
  • Related: VarENDTAB, VarTABPANE, VarENDTABPANE, JQueryPlugin, JQueryTabpane
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