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Wed, 3 Apr 2002 13:23:29 +0200 (MET DST)

Cześć wszystkim,
   Since Jenni's visit is in a cosmology context, please feel
free to use the cosmo-spotka mailing list to coordinate the visit.
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I personally have no strong opinions either for or against a TCfA visit
(1) Wednesday afternoon
(2) Thurs morn or afternoon

Brian: what time/room is the Thursday seminar?


PS: Jenni could get an idea of what cosmology is being done here
by browsing through

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> Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 11:51:20 +0200
> From: Brian Wybourne <...>
> To: Andrzej Woszczyk <...>
> Subject: DR Jenni Adams
> Dr Jenni Adams
> (B.SC(Hons) D.Phil (Oxford))
> Lecturer, University of Canterbury
> Dear Andrzej,
>                            I am expecting Dr Jenni Adams to be visiting
> next week. She will give the
> Thursday Colloquium on "Detection of Neutrinos in Antarctica". Her
> principal research
> interests are indicated below by the topics of her current research
> students. I propose to have
> an informal coffee session in my office the Wednesday morning on general
> topics in
> cosmology. She says she is willing to meet with anyone in Torun,
> informally, to discuss her
> work and to hear of others work. I believe some students are organizing
> something at
> Piwnice late Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately she arrives late Tuesday
> and must leave
> early Friday morning. I suggest two possibilities for a visit to the
> Astronomy Centre
> (1) Wednesday afternoon (2) Thursday morning or afternoon before the
> seminar.
> Regards Brian
> Research Students
>     Bevan Cresswell - Astro particle physics (PhD)
>     Hamish Rose - Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models (PhD)
>     Pauline Harris - The production of high energy neutrinos in Active
> Galactic nuclei, Gamma Ray
>     Bursts and Quasars  (PhD)
>     Anthony Baird - Effect of cosmic parameters on CMB spectra (2001 4th
> year project)
>     Ben Leith - Properties of electromagnetic showers for RICE (with Dr
> Suruj Seunarine) (2001 4th
>     year project)
>     Robyn Sullivan - Neutrino flux rate and event rate for RICE (with Dr
> Suruj Seunarine) (2001 4th
>     year project)