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Meeting place:  Madrid
Dates 1-4 September 2003

With the satellite Herschel and its instruments well
into its development and construction phase, it is timely
to discuss the long term future of FIR Space Astronomy and
design a development plan for the post Herschel era.

ESA  has already made a framework plan (Cosmic Vision)
for future missions based upon discussions and
considerations from the Horizon 2000+ planning exercise.
These took place more than 5 years ago, while ISO was just
in operation and before the FIRST/Planck project took off.

More recently (2002), US astronomers have been
considering the options for future FIR/Submm space
astronomy and made a roadmap for technology and mission
development.  It is the intention to bring together the European
(F)-IR astronomical community, scientists and
instrumentalists (50-50%), and discuss the long term
scientific goals, review the instrumentation capabilities
to be developed, and design a development plan and a
strategy for implementation. The relevant wavelengths range
from about 600 Micron to 50 Micron (0.5-6 THz).

Extrapolating from the past and present projects
(space, airborne and ground-based), taking into account the
still missing areas in observing capabilities(spectral,
spatial and imaging) several obvious model missions will be
considered.  Also considering the most recent scientific
results and the updated goals for future missions this set
of model missions will be discussed and evaluated. Other
novel missions will be included during the workshop.

The following type of missions will be discussed,
reviewed for its science merits and present feasibility
status and technical development needs:

1. A large (>8m) cooled telescope with cooled very large
arrays for imaging and moderate resolution spectroscopy,
using detectors with extremely low NEPs.

2. A large (>8m) ambient telescope with very high spectral
resolution (heterodyne receivers) with moderate imaging
capabilities (10-30 pixel class)

3. A 3multi (>=3) element heterodyne spatial interferometer
with 3m class telescopes, operating at totally blocked
frequencies (Water lines, between 500-1500 GHz)

4. A multi-aperture imaging FIR interferometer

This workshop will be preceded by small technology
workshops to assess the status of involved key technologies
and to assess the development prospects and scope. Subjects
are Direct detection arrays, read-out circuits, efficient
cooling techniques, novel Local Oscillators, very high-
frequency mixers, novel IR spectrometers, light-weight
optical techniques. interferometric techniques, etc. These
will be announced at the workshop website

The venue will be at the campus of the CSIC (Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) in the historical
center of Madrid, Spain. The meeting will start on
September 1st, 2003. Workshop will take place in the main
conference room of the CSIC.

A limited number of rooms, about 40-50 rooms, will be
available in the historical "Residencia de Estudiantes"
located in the same campus
The Residencia can be easily reached from the airport by Taxi or by Metro
(about 5-10 minutes walking distance). Additional rooms will be available in

Prices at the Residencia are
                                  Single    Double
Lodging                      58.82     92.99
Breakfast+Lunch        71.57    119.60
Full boarding             80.75    137.95

Breakfast : 5.00 Euros
Lunch or diner : 11.50 Euros

150 Euros including conference diner.

Jose Cernicharo, Spain (Chair)
              e-mail: cerni at isis.iem.csic.es
Thijs de Graauw, Holland (co-chair)
              e-mail: thijsdg at sron.rug.nl
Antxon Alberdi, Spain
Marcos Bavdaz, ESA (TBC)
Paola Casselli, Italy
Emmanuel Caux, France
Cecilia Ceccarelli, France
Ewine van Dishoeck, Holland
Juan Daniel Gallego, Spain
Pierre Encrenaz, France
Walter Gear,  UK
Reinhard Genzel, Germany
Maryvonne Gerin, France
Matt Griffin,  UK
Rolf Guesten,  Germany
Ake Hjalmarson, Sweeden
Frank Helmich, Holland
Richard Hills, UK
Simon Lilly, Switzerland
Rene Liseau, Sweeden (TBC)
Jesus Martin-Pintado, Spain
Goran Pilbratt, ESA
Albrecht Poglitsch, Germany
Ryszard Szczerba, Poland
Juergen Stutzki, Germany
Xander Tielens, Holland
Gianni Tofani, Italy
Serena Viti, Italy
Laurent Vigroux, France
Christoffel Walkens, Belgium
Wolfang Wild, Holland (TBC)

Dpt. de Astrofisica Molecular e Infrarroja (DAMIR)
J. Martin-Pintado (chair) martin at isis.iem.csic.es
J. Cernicharo (co-chair)        cerni at isis.iem.csic.es
I. Jimenez
J.P. Fonfria
P. Planesas
F. Najarro
J.R. Pardo Carrion
A. Rodriguez-Franco
J. Rodriguez Goicoechea
M.J. Sempere

Secretary of the workshop : Alicia Fernandez Clavero
e-mail : alicia at isis.iem.csic.es