next cafe plus ?

Michal Frackowiak michalf at
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:21:50 +0100

i agree. although with jarek we are interested in cosmology, camk 
meetings have usually only 3 participants: boud and us. It would be 
better for us to go to piwnice to meet others if there is any will on 
our side. this is the thing we have also discussed with boud.


Andrzej Marecki wrote:

>>How about next Friday at CAMK 27.02.2004 10.30g?
>Errrm, may i ask a slightly astropolitical question: do we *really* need
>to meet at CAMK?? Why is that? The majority of people willing to attend
>and usually attending those meetings work in Piwnice. So let me reiterate:
>why-oh-why do we have to meet _there_?!
>All right, maybe it would make some sense if there were some CAMK people
>that might be interested in attending. But... well, i can hardly count
>them. Micha³ F.? No, he works for Rudak now. Who else?