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Pią, 1 Lut 2002, 18:09:02 CET

Cze¶æ wszystkie,
(1) proceedings ;)
(2) A.M.: new lists please!
(3) vario w ...? link from home page to .../sympa/
(4) someone to go to Moriond?

(1) The good news about proceedings for the Wed 23 Jan mini-workshop
is that... you don't have to write them! But seriously, it's probably
useful for those outside of Toruñ to have a brief idea of what went
on, so here's my version of proceedings - any one else is free to
correct them! My memory and judgment are not perfect. (In fact, proof
that I am capable of making errors in judgment comes from the fact
that I thought people would only be comfortable with a one hour
meeting - look through the archive and you'll see this. Andrzej
M. suggested a full afternoon, and I thought he was wrong. Thanks to
this list, his idea was adopted, and he was right and I was wrong -
thanks Andrzej!)

The mini-workshop went well, IMHO. Starting from the general relativity
basics of what scalar fields and quintessence are (Micha³ F), going 
through Toruñ's big observational project which could in principle lead
to direct measurement of local cosmological parameters like curvature, 
but maybe also quintessence and the details of perturbation statistics
(Sebastian) and then an introduction to curvature and topology (Rafa³),
we got back to the galaxy scale with Micha³ H on how magnetic fields
evolve within galaxies and how this should be related to star formation, 
with a nice flow diagram showing all the links and some nice videos of
simulations, and then observational work on topology (Andrzej M) and
on the curvature parameters (me).  A lot to absorb in one afternoon.
We even had several non-speaking participants!  So, hopefully this will
start everyone thinking about what each other is interested in and 
how we can have useful, productive conversations with each other.

Since time ran short, we only had a brief discussion on organising
questions, a main result which was people just suggested I create
additional mailing lists and so how their usage evolves. Hence, point

(2) Andrzej M, could you please create the following three mailing
lists on sympa, just copy all the initial properties of cosmo-torun
(except for the htaccess file, these three should be with open access,
so no htaccess file is needed), and I'll adjust things once you've
made them and got the daemons running.

Here I'll just put the names I suggest and the descriptions.

name: cosmo-spotka
 This mailing list is for all sorts of discussions on meetings of
various sorts related to cosmology at Toruñ. This can include 
(1) Discussion of what sort and frequency of regular TCfA meetings to 
organise (weekly vs fortnightly vs monthly; presentations of own 
research vs "journal club" talks on cosmo news items vs creative 
new idea generation sessions vs introductory reviews; should we
have a separate seminar from the regular Monday ones or just use
the Monday ones? - probably all these questions should be left open
and fluid for some time and will probably be answered in an evolving
way - hence the need for a list!); 
(2) Other organising info on TCfA meetings themselves;
(3) Offers by people, e.g. from around Poland or internationally, to give
cosmo seminars - if someone wants to give a seminar, they should
briefly introduce themselves here and say something like "hey, I'd
like to give a talk at Toruñ", this way the information flow will be
more efficient than if it has to go through just one seminar
(4) Requests by outsiders for a Toruñ person to give a seminar at
their institute can go directly to this list - this would help give
everyone a chance at giving outside seminars.
(5) Other meeting related discussion.

name: cosmo-pl
 Debaty generalne miêdzy kosmologi w polsce, dla organisowaæ badania i
spotkanie kosmologi. Mo¿e byæ kilka rozmawiane bêd± zacz±æ tutaj i
przeprowdzaæ siê do cosmo-spotka, lub vice-versa. Nie jest
problemu. Ró¼nica: cel cosmo-spotka jest TCfA, a cel ta lista jest
ca³a grupy lub naukowcy individualny z kosmologiem w Polsce. Chyba
bêd± uzywaæ po polsku, je¶li po polsku kosmology zagranicznów nie jest
zbytnio ¶mieszny ;). Wol± kodeks litery latin-2 (iso-8859-2), nie 
kodeks Micro$oft. 

[You can correct the po polsku putting in the correct odmian
przypadków, if you like, o.w. just put it as it is!]

name: cos-rule
  This list is for organising a workshop on the claimed features
in the power spectrum/correlation function of extragalactic objects
on scales at or above 100h^-1Mpc. According to standard "linear theory"
of the FLRW model, these features should serve as cosmological standard
rulers if they real, and initial results certainly favour this. Both
observational results, for and against, and theoretical explanations,
are sought for this workshop. It would be hoped to organise this
for the Northern Spring/Summer of 2002, at Toruñ. Anyone wishing to
speak or help organise is welcome to post an introductory message 
here and participate.

(3) I propose that on the left bar of the www.astro. ... page we have
a yellow tage with something like "Cosmology group" pointing to


so that people can easily find all four lists. If people agree, could
someone do this? (Apparently vario w ... is the webmaster.)

(4) Moriond - The Cosmological Model 
Les Arcs, France (March 16-23, 2002) 


I noticed there's special funding for East Europeans to go to this,
and I don't know of many EE cosmo groups who could take up the offer...
Polish people under 35 can also get funding under the "European" heading
(see the page).

This would be a good meeting for learning standard stuff (e.g. for
starting to think about what to do with OCRA...), and for starting to
get to know other European cosmologists, but it's *very* expensive and
no point going unless you're fully funded. (You had also better like
skiing - talks are something like 9:00-12:30 and 4:30-7:30, so that
most people ski in the afternoon... ) Officially the funding deadlines
have passed, but if very few East Europeans have applied, the
organisers might be happy to accept some late offers.

Be warned that any travel requires a bit of time invested, paperwork
etc., thinking about the budget, but I think most of us have some
travel experience. It's also a distraction from getting work done. 
But might give you new ideas or help you learn things.

If anyone wants to apply, it might help if you do a cc: to me which
would show to the organisers that you're in contact with someone they
know, but I'm in Paris for getting a visa right now so I can't sign
any forms for you - and in any case, you need a "senior scientist" to
sign the request for funding form.



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