Boud Roukema boud w
Śro, 23 Paź 2002, 18:11:45 CEST

  I'm having an interesting (random) discussion with Sebastian,
and pointed out some nice galaxy formation pages at the IAP:

There's a useful word related to these:


Its meaning is somewhere in between "theoretical"  and "observational",
i.e. finding formulae which are reasonable from a theoretical point
of view, but not directly justified, and which can be "fit" to

My guess is the constraints we have on Omega_m and Omega_Lambda
could probably be described as phenomenological, since although
they are very directly linked to GR, which definitely counts as
theory, they're not (yet) linked into the rest of physics except
by a range of "reasonable" hypotheses.

The challenge is to get these solid observational and/or (preferably
"and") theoretical support...



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