interesting cosmo CMB software?

Michal Frackowiak michalf w
Wto, 29 Paź 2002, 14:00:06 CET

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 19:42, Boud Roukema wrote:
> What do people think of:

It was the first free code for calculating density peturbations with an
emphasis on CMB fluctuations.

CMBFast is based on it. But it calculates perturbations in linear regime
using full set (not full, but cut anyway) of Boltzmann equations - as
opposed to some radical approximation by CMBFast. The inconsistency
however is only about 1-2%, but required comp. power is MUCH bigger.

In my oppinion there is no point in dealing with this soft - CMBFast 
is much faster and gives you practically the same accuracy. It also has
more features e.g. grav. lensing, reionization.

You would need a supercomputer to run COSMICS. And just a PC to run

regards - michal
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