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Wto, 28 Paź 2003, 01:44:50 CET

What I think we can say for sure is that, although we're not sure about
the actual curvature of our obserwable universe, and thus we're not sure
if the space go on and on to infinity, it seems that it's quite sure that
our universe is accelerating (q<0), and from this point of view we can say
that if we send out a probe into the space even at the velocity of light,
it's likely that it will never return regardelss of the the curvature
of the universe, because it just won't overpass the expantion rate of the
universe unless there is some nontrivial topology involved. The Big Crunch
never happens in area where q<0 on Omega_l, Omega_m plane. So from our
point of view we can say the spacetime is infinite if we're thinking in a
way of traveling in it. If we think just of a space as a slice in some
moment of time the quiestion is still open, but what is use of thinking
about space this way - it just cannot be separated from time right ?



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