prosba o komentarz (fwd)

Andrzej Marecki amr w
Wto, 14 Paź 2003, 13:52:17 CEST

> As i understand it, Łukasz is in a hurry - he'll ring back at 15.00 -
> so i'll try to get a draft to the list within the next half hour or so.

OK, but....

Easy, slow down! Don't let those always-in-a-hurry media people make such a
pressure on us. They notoriously use to think we are lying idle waiting for
their phone calls. And when such a call from media comes we're most happy to
put off immediately what we are working on at the moment and rush to write a
PR for them - they seem to think. No, that's not true. We're (at least) as 
busy as they are!

My advice: when he rings back at 15.00 tell him: tomorrow, jutro, demain,
man'ana, bokra.... (The choice of the language at your discretion. ;)
Nie dajmy się zwariować! (Can't translate it to English, sorry. ;-)


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