fealpix vs healpix - it stinks for me

Michal Frackowiak michalf w ncac.torun.pl
Śro, 3 Mar 2004, 17:52:49 CET

at least www.gnu.org works. To bring you more arguments WHY fealpix does 
not come in the spirit of gnu, please see:
http://www.gnupress.org/potentialauthors.html - Information for 
Potential Authors
http://www.gnu.org/prep/standards.html#SEC31 - GNU Coding Standards

more or less these are the things I have already pointed out. including 
trolling about proprietary software.

as you can see fealpix does not follow any of the gnu software 
directions so all this rumor about making scientific software free does 
not make any sense in the context of gnu. moreover it gives people false 
opinion about gnu system and the gnu idea of free software.

regards - michal


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