AA/2004/0337 - referee report (fwd)

Andrzej Marecki amr w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 24 Maj 2004, 12:13:48 CEST

A week ago, on May 17th, Boud wrote:

> i propose the Friday meeting as a decision deadline on the minor
> corrections. If noone objects by then, then this modified version will
> be submitted.

OK, so I presume you _have_ submitted the corrected version to A&A.

Now a question: and how about astro-ph? In particular, how about...
changing the comment there to a neutral one like: "13 pages, 18 figures, A&A
accepted"? Our apologies surely _have_ been read by the people interested in
receiving them and - IMVHO - there is hardly any need to keep them posted
any longer. What do you, gals and guys, think?


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