AA/2004/0337 - referee report (fwd)

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 17 Maj 2004, 13:59:17 CEST



i think we should have no problem with these minor corrections. :))

The only question is whether or not to make changes based on the further
tests made since we submitted the paper.

Regarding the further tests which i started making, remember that in our
paper we have:

> However, the plots are striking and it seems prudent to release
> them to the scientific community while a companion paper is prepared
> with formal statistical analyses.

So IMHO it is clear that we intend to publish a companion paper which
goes into more detail in statistical tests, and there's no need to
make things difficult for ourselves (and slow down publication) by
adding more significant material now.

How about a cafeplus this Friday to talk more on this + also about
Bartek's jet idea? (not electronically public ;)  Plus also whatever
else cosmo/extragalactic related.
# 21.05.2004 09.00g
# Place: Radio building



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> Subject: AA/2004/0337 - referee report
> 17/05/2004
> Dr Boudewijn Roukema
> Torun Centre for Astronomy, UMK
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> Our Ref. : AA/2004/0337
> Dear Dr Roukema,
> The manuscript entitled :
> "A hint of Poincaré dodecahedral topology in the WMAP first year sky map"
> was submitted to a competent referee who recommended publication following minor revision (see enclosed report).
> Please make the requested improvements and send us the revised version (please set line spacing to double spacing referee's format for language editing) at your earliest convenience. Instructions for resubmitting can be found at address https://mms-aanda.obspm.fr/is/aa.
> In your cover letter, please indicate precisely all the changes made in the revised version (p^df or ps.gz file), and mark them clearly (e.g., using boldface) in your manuscript.
> Please make sure that your manuscript is prepared according to the rules given in the Instructions to Authors (see the first Main Journal issue of the year), otherwise the publication of your paper will be delayed.
> Further instructions will be given to you once the paper is accepted.
> With best regards,
> Anthony Jones
> A&A Editor
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Referee report
> ---------------
> This paper contains new and important results and should be
> published. There are however some minor points which should be
> clarified before the paper could be published. Second sentence of
> Section 3.2 "Errors would occur only if, for example, converting
> the angular radius of a circle, alpha into a comoving distance in
> megaparsecs, or using the inverse cosine of the ratio of the
> in-radius, r_, to the distance to the surface of last scattering,
> r_{SLS}, to infer the angular radius of a matched circle, i.e.
> alpha \\sim cos^{-1}(r_/r_{SLS}) ", this sentence seems to be
> missing something.
> There is a full stop after eq.(6), while it should be a comma.
> Second sentence after eq.(6) is "Moreover, the unknown physics of
> the cosmological constant (or quintessence) makes it hard to em a
> priori exclude any fluctuations in \\Omega_{\\Lambda}, especially
> with an amplitude so close to that of matter fluctuations. " -
> need to be corrected.
> Full stop after eq.(10) should be replaced by a comma.
> To make the list of References more balanced it should include at
> least reference to J. Weeks book The Shape of Space (where there
> is a nice discussion of the Poincare dodecahedral space).

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