[Cosmo-torun] cosmo workshop @14.00 Fri 12.12.2008 @KRA by Bartek Lew

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Śro, 10 Gru 2008, 15:54:55 CET

hi cosmo-torun,

cosmo workshop @14.00 Fri 12.12.2008 @KRA by Bartek Lew

We are starting a series of work meetings: mainly me +
Bartek/Agnieszka/Zbyszek.  People who are not yet at research level
(e.g. younger students) or non-cosmologists are welcome to come along,
but the main idea is not only to inform others what we are doing, but
hopefully also to make concrete advances in our actual research
projects. If i remember correctly, last time we had a meeting like
this, Andrzej Marecki came up with an excellent, original idea, so
sub-CMB extragalacticians are certainly welcome.

i think Bartek's idea is right: if each of us presents our work once a
month, then that makes for a meeting every week.  With the 4 of us
thinking together, along with undergraduate students with different
levels of interest and AGN people making useful comments, i think we
have the potential to make a real cosmology group. :)

Anyway, see you all Friday. :)


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