[Cosmo-torun] interesting cosmo meetings this summer: IAP, Benasque (.es), TIFR/IUCAA

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 17 Mar 2008, 22:33:38 CET

hi cosmo-torun,

Three interesting cosmo meetings this summer (i already mentioned the
IAP one).

The deadline for applications is **April 15, 2008** for all three.

* IAP, Paris
   "Far away: light in the young universe at z > 3"
   7-11 July 2008, Paris
   + http://cosmo.torun.pl/pipermail/cosmo-torun/2008-March/000423.html

* Benasque, Pyrenees (mountains on spanish/french border)
   "Modern Cosmology"
   27 July - 14 August 2008

* Pune, Maharashtra (India, monsoon time but the monsoon in Pune is mild (not strong) ;)
   "Cosmology with CMB and LSS"
   21 July - 31 Aug (full = 6 weeks = 3 * 2-week sessions, but can stay for a shorter time)


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