[Cosmo-torun] cfalib: we should get Krasinski - Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models

karolina w astro.uni.torun.pl karolina w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 7 Gru 2009, 16:57:22 CET

I do my best.

> Hi Karolina,
> Could we please put:
>     Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models
>     Andrzej Krasinski
>     Cambridge University Press
>     1997
>     ISBN 978-0521481809
> on our list of priority books whenever there's some budget money that
> needs to be spent? (Sometimes at the end of the year there is money
> that will be lost if it doesn't get spent.) It seems we don't have
> this book anywhere in the UMK library system.
> The Universe is certainly inhomogeneous - UMK would not exist if the
> Universe were perfectly homogeneous (since LSS and galaxies and planets
> would not exist). The question is not *if* the Universe is inhomogeneous,
> the question is *how important* the inhomogeneity is, i.e. to what degree
> assuming a perfectly homogeneous model and then adding perturbations is
> a good enough approximation to reality.
> pozdr
> boud
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