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Sat, 13 Feb 2016

New Windows on the Universe

David Wiltshire from Roy Kerr's institute at the University of Canterbury describes the LIGO discovery of a beautiful gravitational wave signal of a binary black hole merger:

As researchers with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announce they have spotted gravitational waves – ripples in space itself set off by violent astrophysical events – University of Canterbury Professor of Physics Dr David Wiltshire discusses what it means.

The announcement that gravitational waves have been directly captured for the first time ever, from the collision of two black holes, opens a new age of astronomy. From now on we will be able to “listen” to the Universe with “ears” that are not limited by the electromagnetic spectrum, completely changing our understanding. It is a moment in history every bit as important as when Galileo first pointed his telescope at the stars and planets, or when the first radio, X-ray, infrared or gamma ray telescopes were first turned on by 20th century astronomers.

... more at Reflections on Science.

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Sat, 06 Feb 2016

Inhomogeneous relativistic cosmology ADS links

A mix of some recent and some older articles on inhomogeneous relativistic cosmology—especially cosmological backreaction—is available at: ADS inhomogeneous cosmology. This list is not complete!

For selecting a subset of the above:

  1. click on the ADS URL above;
  2. in the ADS interface, Select All Records;
  3. Get form to query selected articles only;
  4. enter normal ADS query parameters, e.g. author, year, and/or words in title or abstract;
  5. Send Query;

The bibcode list is here:

    2016arXiv160806004R 2016arXiv160804403G 2016arXiv160800452C 2016arXiv160708797R 2016arXiv160707377K 2016arXiv160705677L 2016arXiv160403503W 2016arXiv160307837T 2016arXiv160301479L 2016arXiv160200302O 2016arXiv160200121R 2016arXiv160107362B 2016arXiv160107356O 2016arXiv160107030S 2016arXiv160100110K 2016PhRvL.116y1301G 2016MNRAS.456L..45R 2016GReGr..48...51B 2015mgm..conf..922K 2015arXiv151209348R 2015arXiv151207869C 2015arXiv151203313B 2015arXiv151202947O 2015arXiv151105124B 2015arXiv150906316K 2015arXiv150200506K 2015PhRvD..92f9904K 2015PhRvD..92b3532K 2015PhRvD..92b3512A 2015PhRvD..91f3534W 2015PhRvD..91f3519N 2015PhRvD..91f3512S 2015PhRvD..91d3508K 2015MNRAS.453.2364B 2015MNRAS.448.1660R 2015JCAP...08..025K 2015CQGra..32u5021B 2015CQGra..32u5013K 2015CQGra..32p5012S 2015CQGra..32m5007V 2014PhRvD..90l3536P 2014PhRvD..90j3525K 2014PhRvD..90f4021K 2014PhRvD..90b3524K 2014PhRvD..89h9901K 2014PhRvD..89b3520K 2014MNRAS.437.1096R 2014JCAP...12..049C 2014JCAP...02..009B 2014CQGra..31h5002K 2014CQGra..31g5021S 2013arXiv1311.5402O 2013arXiv1311.3787W 2013PhRvL.111y1302I 2013PhRvD..88h3529W 2013PhRvD..87l3503B 2013JCAP...10..043R 2013IJMPD..2230013K 2013CQGra..30w5008B 2013CQGra..30q5006D 2013CQGra..30b5002B 2012dsu..workE..18S 2012arXiv1210.2161L 2012PhRvD..86l3508P 2012PhRvD..86j4036K 2012PhRvD..86h3539L 2012PhRvD..86f4001K 2012PhRvD..86b3520B 2012PhRvD..85l4016K 2012PhRvD..85h3502I 2012PhRvD..85d3506C 2012GReGr..44..239K 2012GReGr..44...81J 2012CQGra..29p5007B 2012CQGra..29o5001B 2012CQGra..29k5004R 2012ARNPS..62...57B 2011arXiv1110.1828K 2011arXiv1109.2314C 2011PhRvD..84l3001D 2011PhRvD..84b3510K 2011PhRvD..83h4020G 2011PhRvD..83h3503K 2011PhRvD..83f3506N 2011MNRAS.418.2779S 2011MNRAS.413..367S 2011JCos...15.6100W 2011JCAP...05..028N 2011JCAP...05..003M 2011JCAP...03..029U 2011CQGra..28p5004R 2011CQGra..28p4009K 2011CQGra..28p4008R 2011CQGra..28p4007B 2011CQGra..28p4006W 2011CQGra..28p4002B 2011CQGra..28p4001E 2011CQGra..28p2002B 2010PhRvD..82b3523W 2010MNRAS.401..547H 2010JCAP...10..021M 2010IJMPD..19.1915B 2010GReGr..42.2453K 2010GReGr..42..567M 2010CQGra..27x5017C 2010CQGra..27q5013R 2010CQGra..27j9002C 2010CQGra..27j5015K 2010AIPC.1241.1074M 2010AIPC.1241..991L 2010AIPC.1241..973K 2010A&A...518A..21C 2009PhRvD..80l3512W 2009PhRvD..80h3525C 2009PhRvD..79h4006L 2009PhRvD..79h3011L 2009IJMPD..18.2121W 2009GReGr..41.2017B 2008mgm..conf.1831L 2008mgm..conf..700K 2008dmap.conf..565W 2008PhRvD..78l3531I 2008PhRvD..78h4032W 2008PhRvD..78f4038K 2008PhRvD..77b3529H 2008JCAP...04..026R 2008JCAP...02..004M 2008IJMPD..17..641W 2008CQGra..25s5001B 2008ApJ...672L..91L 2007PhRvL..99y1101W 2007NJPh....9..377W 2007JPhA...40.7087K 2007JCAP...02..019E 2006tmpg.conf..279K 2006sf2a.conf..281L 2006PhRvD..73b3518H 2006CQGra..23.6379B 2006CQGra..23..235I 2006A&A...454..415B 2005PhRvL..95o1102C 2005PhLA..347...38E 2005MNRAS.362..213B 2005CQGra..22L.113B 2004PhRvD..69d3502K 2004PhRvD..69b3502K 2004JCAP...02..003R 2003magr.workE..15K 2003PhRvL..90c1101B 2002PhRvD..66h4011H 2002PhRvD..65b3501K 2002CQGra..19.6109B 2001GReGr..33.1381B 2001ApJ...558L..79K 2000grg..conf..306B 2000PhRvD..62d3525B 2000GReGr..32..105B 1998bhhe.conf..133K 1996rdgm.conf..163K 1995icm..conf...27K 1994CQGra..11.1373K 1994AcC....20...67K 1993PoAst..41...29K 1992mgm..conf..642K 1992PoFiz..43..415K 1991RpMP...29..337K 1989grg..conf..341K 1989grg..conf..340K 1989JMP....30..433K 1986mgm..conf..989K 1986gcr..conf..500K 1986AN....307..349K 1984bbgl.symp...63K 1983grg1.conf..841K 1983GReGr..15..673K 1982botu.conf...15K 1981GReGr..13.1021K 1978AcC.....7..101K
(Last update: 2016-08-30.)

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