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These are just rough notes - feel free to correct them, add links, etc. from the Grassmann ian Conference in Fundamental Cosmology (Grasscosmofun'09). These are not official proceedings. The speakers might even disagree that they said anything even vaguely related to what are in these online notes! Don't say you weren't warned.

Thu 17 Sep 2009

Nemanja KALOPER - inflaton etc

  • inflaton difficult but not impossible to obtain
  • T^4, topological mass term ...

Arman SHAFIELOO - Is cosmic acceleration slowing down?

  • 90 new low z < 0.08 SNe Ia data from CfA
  • OM fittings, SN+BAO vs SN+BAO+WMAP gives \Delta \chi^2 \approx 8
  • ArXiv:0903.5141
  • OM behaviour at low z
    • can be derived directly from H rather than dot(H)
    • errors in OM smaller than for EOS
    • OM not sensitive to Omega_m
    • CPL parametrisation strains to fit low z and high z data simultaneously

Masahiro MORIKAWA - Bose-Einstein condensate DE/DM (BEC)

  • AstroPh:0403571
  • boson field
  • What is the boson? axion? neutrino pair condensation? new physics?
  • if m = 1 eV, then BEC collapses to form objects of size l* approx 30(m/1eV)^2 kpc
    • if BEC decays at z = 20, this gives about 20 kpc
  • predicts stagflation which dissipatively reduces Lambda to zero

Mikhail KATANAEV - geometric theory of defects

  • edge dislocation - in elastic media - Burger's vector
  • disclinations - in spin structures
  • geometric model vs elasticity model

Marek SZYDLOWSKI - whirlpool scenario

  • flat model
  • ArXiv:0906.0335
  • 3D phase space trajectory matches different evolution stages of Universe, i.e. radiation, dust and accelerating epochs

Ivan DEBONO - weak lensing forecasts for DE, neutrinos and initial conditions

  • modelling of local cosmological parameters
  • lensing can be useful
  • need to: minimise "systematics in lensing", more accurate theoretical power spectrum calculation, combining different experiments is always better

Stefano CAMERA (Turino) - weak lensing in unified DM/DE models

  • ArXiv:0902.4204
  • would have some effect on weak lensing via a high l effect

Boud ROUKEMA - Some spaces are more equal than others

-- BoudRoukema - 17 Sep 2009
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