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Free software versus closed software

general languages for creating executable programs


f77 - moderately high level

  • the g77 compiler is GPL


  • suggestions on options when compiling


  • a program that changes galactic coordinates into right ascention and declination

ANSI definition (long and detailed)

checking, portability


  • higher level than f77, not yet any stable GPL or other free compiler

f95 - high level, but...

python - high level scripting language

octave - high level scripting language

java - high level scripting language

(Uwaga - czy tylko stare wersji są prawdziwie wolne?? - java2.0)

  • search on jni (java native interface) for using non-java libraries

C - low level



wykłady C

CwPiwnicach - wykłady/czwiczeń C zimo 2004r.

C++ - higher level than C - object-oriented

perl - mix of low level and high level

  • [Perl] combines all the worst aspects of C and Lisp: a billion different sublanguages in one monolithic executable. It combines the power of C with the readability of PostScript. -- Jamie Zawinski



libraries for numerical computation

free (GPL sense) packages


    • V3.0 contains 2793 .f fortran files, including test and installation files written?
    • 1434 of these fortran files are in directories /SRC/, i.e. source files of LAPACK or BLAS
    • why rewrite these since they're already written?

GNU Scientific Library - GSL

  • np.
    • na adjani
      • (1) gcc -c mojprogram.c
      • (2) gcc mojprogram.o -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm
      • ./a.out
    • na galileo etc - moze warto uzywac makefile...
      • (1) gcc -L/scratch/7/boud/lib -I/scratch/7/boud/include mojprogram.c -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm -L/opt/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.6/ -lgcc
      • (2) setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH {$LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/scratch/7/boud/lib
      • ./a.out
    • jak przygotować funkcji
    • info gsl wtedy C-s Providing the function

plotutils - GPL plotting library

FITS - Flexible Image Transport System for managing observational data files

non-free packages

  • Numerical Recipes - - good for learning, but you may not redistribute the code as part of your program packages - better learn to use GSL, BLAS, LAPACK, etc.. Bardzo znane między astronomami, ale lepiej używać wolne oprogramowanie, jak GSL i LAPACK żeby twoj programy nie są ,,w wiezieniu".

list of numerical algorithm packages Numerical Algorithm Software Packages on the Net

libraries or languages for symbolic algebra

symbolic algebra

Jak efektywnie zgłaszać błędy (How to report a bug)

other links

linuxlist (What is useful here? What is GPL? What is not useful?)

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