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Non-baryonic dark matter

DAMA/NaI + mirror matter

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Dark Matter Detection - DAMA/NaI + Foot et al.

  • In http://de.arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0405282 the 7 year results of the DAMA/NaI dark matter direct detection experiment show a signal significant at 6.3σ according to the authors. An explanation for why a signal from mirror-baryonic matter should be expected in this experiment but not in others with similar cross-section detection parameters is presented in AstroPh:0403043, see also AstroPh:0407623 and references therein.
  • Aim: Check the experimental and theoretical claims and propose further tests
    • Try to find an alternative explanation for the DAMA/NaI results without going beyond the Standard Model of particle physics
    • Check whether the Foot et al. calculations of mirror matter properties are consistent with all the experimental data as the authors claim
    • Extend the Foot et al. calculations to find, e.g. a non-gravitational effect of mirror matter in stellar physics, e.g. symbiotic stars (gravitational effects of dark matter are already well studied)
  • More info: http://adjani.astro.uni.torun.pl/Cosmo/NonBaryonicDarkMatter#the_DAMA_NaI_detection_and_mirro

the DAMA/NaI detection and mirror matter: longer introduction

  • AstroPh:0305542 - see Fig.~6 - mass: mW~43+12-9GeV (for v = 220km/s) - Bernabei et al - but mass depends strongly on halo model - see also AstroPh:0304446
  • CosmoNews
  • DAMA
    • AstroPh:0405282 - 7 yr DAMA/NaI data
    • HepPh:0308254, AstroPh:0403043 - mirror matter to explain DAMA data
    • HepPh:0210370 - parameter space of cross-section and WIMP mass excluded by other experiments (DAMA/Xe, Edelweiss). However, this is only valid for a certain class of interaction. It is invalid for mirror matter WIMPs.
    • in HepPh:0308254, Foot points out that for a direct detection experiment like DAMA/Xe or Edelweiss to succeed, the required velocity of the particles must not be too much higher than typical velocities in the halo. This maximum velocity - eq. (5) is v_{\mbox{min}} = \sqrt{ { (M_A + M_{A'})^2 E_R \over 2 M_A M_{A'}^2 } }
      • For either Germanium (Edelweiss, CDMS, ...) or Na interacting with H' (mirror H) and a threshold of 4-10keV, the minimum velocity is about 2200km/s. This is only the very tail end of any realistic galactic velocity distribution.
      • For Ge + He' + 10keV, vmin=1560km/s. This is also too high.
      • For Na + He' + 1keV, vmin=310km/s - this is much more consistent with the halo temperature.
      • For Ge + O' + 10keV, vmin=450km/s. So, if there is a big O' component - mirror O in the halo, then Edelweiss probably should have detected it. However, in HepPh:0308254 the claim is for a He' dominant component (with H' undetectable) and only a minor O' component.
      • A short fortran script to calculate these is here: mirrorvelocity.f
  • mirror matter claims independent of DAMA
  • prezentacja pdf - pażd 2004 - http://cosmo.torun.pl/~boud/wyklad041025.pdf
  • wikipedia discussion page: WikipediaEn:Talk:Mirror_matter

Light Dark Matter - the INTEGRAL results

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Dark Matter - Light Dark Matter (LDM) hypothesis - Galaxy Centre INTEGRAL results

Review/Introduction papers on Non-Baryonic Dark Matter problem

big-bang nucleosynthesis (BBN), e.g. Steigmann AstroPh:0511534 \Rightarrow \Omega_{nonbaryonic} \sim 0.25

WIMPS (and other new particles)


brown dwarfs

  • brown dwarfs are baryonic: they cannot explain \Rightarrow \Omega_{nonbaryonic} \sim 0.25

pierwotny czarny dziury - primordial black holes

  • Afshordi et al. AstroPh:0302035 Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter: The Power Spectrum and Evaporation of Early Structures

nBDM density profile in Milky Way

see also

possible outline of extensive Literature Review

primary objectives

  • Observational possibilities of either direct or indirect detection of cold nonbaryonic dark matter (nbCDM) in the Universe
  • Research for composition, nature and physics of nbCDM in terms of currently favored candidates (WIMP's, Axions, super heavy relicts).
  • Galaxy distribution, dynamics, scattering rates and energy deposit in possible interactions of nbCDM for various candidates
  • Possible observational constraints on nature of nbCDM
  • Possible connection (interaction) between nbCDM and dark energy (DE)
  • Current / future possibilities of relevant nbCDM experiments
  • Some knowledge of standard particle physics and supersymmetric extensions of standard model (MSSM)
  • (Super)Symmetry breaking problems in cosmology and particle physics

secondary objectives

  • Friedmann equations solutions for various cosmological models (see cosmological calculator)
  • Equation of state for different components of the Universe (i.e. nbCDM) and it's influence on cosmological parameters evolution
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