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Seminarium (definition varies with year)


seminarium doktorancki - contact boud to coordinate when/where/what for this seminarium





  • The aim of this monograph course is that the students will gain an elementary intuitive and formal background to understanding the present state of astronomical research about the shape of the Universe. The emphasis will be on observational strategies. General relativity and the details of modern observational cosmology will only be presented very briefly; students who are interested will need to develop deeper understanding through their own reading and other courses.

more details

shape of the Universe

summary of modern cosmology

  • AstroPh:0602280 - George Ellis - Issues in the Philosophy of Cosmology - this is a proper scientific approach, i.e. serious philosophy explained in simple (scientific) words
  • GrQc:9812046 - George Ellis - relativistic cosmology - standard + beyond standard 1998 Cargese notes

online intros to cosmology

wims - wersja online

traditional exercises

intuition building



  • się dodaj do listy, np Main.PiotrNowak
  • BoudRoukema (lecturer)


    • 5 points from cosmo exercises on http://cosmo.torun.pl/wims
      • practice: anytime/place with internet access
      • TODO: decide on exam day/time - normally in June 2014 - may be in Piwnice or in I.F.
  • (stary: MonographPropozycjaEgzamin)
  • 5.0 punkty zaliczenia na wims - jak jest obliczony

    • Możesz zdobyć aż do 5.0 punkty za ćwiczenia w wims:
      • 0.0 \le 5 \frac{ \sum_{i=1,n} x_i q_i^{0.3} }{n}  \le 5.0 gdzie
        • x_i jest ile% done dla danym "sheet" - między 0.0 i 1.0
        • q_i jest "quality" (jakość) - między 0.0 i 1.0; potęga 0.3 implikuje, że efekt q_i jest, ale jest słabo oprócz jeśli quality jest bardzo niska...
      • równowalna sposoba liczyć:
        • home
          • My scores
            • Global average: ile over 5. Tutaj, ile jest ile punkty masz razem
    • Wzor dla jednego cwiczenia q_m po m razy, gdzie s_1, ..., s_m to ocen między 0.0 i 1.0, to q_m = \frac{0.85 q_{m-1} + s_m}{1.85}. Tzn, q_m, to uwazone srednio, gdzie najostatnich razy sa najwazniejszy.
    • Chromium/Chrome bug: As of 2020 to 2024, the chromium/chrome browser software has a bug that prevents the display of some of the exercises. Firefox is one browser without the bug.

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